Unlearning “Beauty”

„I saw the angel in the marble“, Michelangelo said „…and I carved until I set him free.“ But what if now, the angel wants to return to the marble. Misunderstood by the people – copied, analyzed, sold and worshiped by the masses. What if the manifestation was not the point, but Michelangelos way of seeing. What if the piece of marble indeed was an angel. An angel that rather wanted to be seen than being carved into Michelangelo‘s interpretation of him. Michelangelo created beautiful masterpieces – no doubt. But today i read his quote like an appeal to awareness rather than craft. Maybe today we don‘t need more capacity to shape Beauty, but to SEE Beauty. To see the sacred in nature‘s creation and not necessarily more ways of shaping nature‘s creations into our ideas of sacred. That way the angel frees the artist. Not the other way around. He liberates the artist from the excess conventional marble that keeps him caged in the old story of human impact. And then – without doing anything – he recognizes: The marble is a masterpiece.💫 Raphael 

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