My death is very alive

If you are confused by all the choices life has to offer, remember the life-coach you don‘t even have to hire: Your own death. To face the reality, that life can end at any time – today, tomorrow, next year or a decade from now – to feel all the emotions that come with this deep experience of mortality reveals the essential. If you truly face the inevitable end it cuts through all of your misty options and puts a bright spotlight on the MUSTs of your remaining days: You see the ones you love the most and the fact , that you want to tell them more often. You remember that one experience you wanted to make, but procrastinated because it seemed so dumb and selfish. You remember this thing you wanted to bring into this world, but never did, because they could doubt, hate or worst of all ignore it. My relationship with death is very alive. The true realization of mortality brings clarity in it‘s purest form. I live. Life is simple: My priorities now are love letters and long hugs. 💫 Raphael

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